About me

James Saunders 

So you want to hear my story.! Great.

I was born in the United States in Florida by an American Father and a Greek mother.

 I studied computer engineering in 1989 (I'm 48 years old now). I started working with computers in 1996 and I created my own internet business in 1998. 

I'm married twice. I was married for the first time with a child and divorced by the age of 27.

My first e-shop (using cubecart a PHP self-hosted software) was created in 2000-2001 and that was when I started working with e-commerce (drop shipping from China mobile phone related products) while Yahoo was the top search engine and Google was just starting to take over the indexing and search engines market.

Guess what. There was no Facebook either... Internet marketing was unknown to any college at that time. We had Ebay, PayPal but no Amazon (not at the current form at least. It was a bookstore only at that time).

In 2004-2008 I started creating in parallel and selling my own internet marketing automation. I created the first twitter automation bot app (Thetwitterbot.com). That was the time Twitter and Myspace were dominating the social media.

That was the time that Google was taking over the search engines war. That was the time I started my SEO business and in 2009 I was certified in SEO. That was when Facebook became available to the public in every country.

 In 2009 I started a local import business in Greece (Europe) and it was going very well until in 2015 the Central European bank decided to force capital control at the Greek banks. This was the end of the Greek economy and the businesses in this country. The Central European bank lock all Greek bank accounts and there was no way to send money abroad to import products without several permissions from the government and a very long wait list for approval. All Greek Credit Cards was useless out of Greece. I had to shut down 3 of my offline shops to balance the loss. Soon I lost everything related to my import business and I had to start over. (But I never give up. See Jeff Bezos Photo above).

Today I made a new start in the United States. I run my own Social Media Agency and a few e-shops. Lesson learned. Never keep all your eggs in one basket.

In 2009 I got married again and I'm married ever since. I have a daughter from my current marriage which is 8 years old and a son from my first marriage which is 25 years old.

At the home page, you may see my Google certifications. I'm a Google Partner (certified) since the end of 2016 (Google renew certificates every year and every year Google partners must take exams in order to renew their certifications).

If you are in e-commerce and already have a Shopify store or if you are starting now, then I'm your man. Either you import products or use the drop shipping method I can help you with every step of this journey. 

If you are a Doctor or a small business and want to run Google Ads or Facebook Ads, then I'm your man.

Any issue you have with e-commerce or online advertising I can solve it.

I've been there. I've been in your shoes and my e-commerce and internet marketing knowledge started in the year 2000 (that's 18 years of experience with e-commerce, drop shipping from China and internet marketing).

  • How to source products (From China or the US)
  • How to test them out before you spend any money
  • How to advertise on Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Youtube Ads, and Facebook Ads in the correct way that will not kill your bank account.
  • How to avoid scam orders
  • How to fight chargebacks and how to minimize your risk.
  • How to start and grow a Shopify store to a two comma business.
  • How to get more phone calls and patients to your Practice, or Clinic or customers to your Small Business.

See an extensive list of our Ecom Maximizer Program or visit my Youtube channel.

I can do this in two different ways. I can do one-on-one strategy sessions and you get to have sessions with me every week and every month, or you can watch over and over again my free and paid lessons in our blog and Youtube and do everything your self. 

I'm not trying to pitch you anything. I'm an internet marketer and I must also make a living. I will show you everything I know. "Give a man a fish and you will feed him for one day, teach a man how to fish and you will feed him forever". I plan to make for you both. If you appreciate my free lessons then I will pitch you with some offers so it can be for both a win/win situation. Don't worry I offer a Strong money back guarantee for all my paid lessons and I like to over deliver with free webinars and many bonuses.

In the one-on-one sessions, the first week is 100% refundable if you are not happy with my service. And on the paid lessons this is a program for 3 months that I will take you to step by step and show you all my secrets from start to finish. Ecom Maximizer program has a money back guarantee for the first two months no questions asked. I offer also a lite program for Small Businesses on how to run they own ads on Google and Facebook. This lite program is designed for two things. To teach you how to run your own Facebook ads or Google ads, and to be able to monitor an agency if you hire one to run the ads for you and see if they are fit for your business.

 For those looking to start a social media agency, there will be an extra cost with additional lessons of 4 months total and I will provide at the end of those lessons a certification. This is not something that you can learn in a college. This is 20 years of experience with every search engine and every social media site ever existed so far from 1997 until now.

You don't want to become a paid customer? Fine with me. Stay here, join my free webinars, watch my videos on my Youtube channel and read my blog posts. There is a lot of knowledge there as well, for you to gain. There is a lot of knowledge I learned from others for free so I want to give back to the community to help others. 

You may think what does this doing on an about page. It sounds like a sales letter. Well here is the simple answer: Because most of the people are reading it. 

Are you still here?

Good. Then take your first step and read our blog posts, watch our free youtube videos, then let's start working together ASAP.


James Saunders